Who Is Josh Parker?

Josh Parker is the author of Herpes Blitz Protocol, an e-book that claims to provide useful information on how to effectively and naturally treat herpes. He claims that there are details herpes sufferers don’t know about herpes treatment, which are being concealed by pharmaceutical companies because they are not going to make big profit with them.

How credible is Josh Parker to talk about herpes treatment and to offer an e-book that claims to present effective solutions for herpes? This post will attempt to provide more information about the man behind Herpes Blitz Protocol.

Josh Parker the Army Officer

Josh Parker used to be an army officer who was once deployed in Morocco. He has no formal training in medicine and did not serve dedicated positions as a provider of healthcare to the public.

However, Parker thought of developing a herpes treatment program to help some people he knew who had been suffering from the disease, mainly his girlfriend. Parker’s girlfriend contracted herpes at a young age and he wanted to do everything he can to help her.

Parker’s stint as an army officer exposed him to various experiences and new knowledge that were helpful in coming up with an effective natural herpes treatment strategy.

How Did He Create the Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Josh Parker actually did not create Herpes Blitz Protocol by his lonesome. He sought the assistance of a friend although most of the treatment protocol is based on his ideas.

The main ingredients in the treatment strategy shared in Herpes Blitz Protocol were discovered by Parker in Morocco. There, he found three natural ingredients that showed great promise to address herpes infection: curcumin, resveratrol,  and quercetin.

Parker conducted further research until he came up with the right natural ingredient combinations and routines designed to attack herpes at its roots. The resulting treatment program also takes inputs from the Wonder of Epigenetic therapy.

How Confident Is Parker that His Treatment Protocol Works?

In the YouTube video posted on the homepage of Herpes Blitz Protocol, it is claimed that this e-book, and of course the treatment strategy presented therein, is already being used by more than 60,000 herpes sufferers across all walks of life. These include athletes, celebrities, business executives, and professionals.

Parker’s treatment plan promises to effectively and naturally deal with the manifestations of herpes. Parker says that his treatment plan takes into account findings that were discovered by pharmaceutical companies themselves but are hesitant to share these with the public because doing so can adversely affect their business.

Herpes Blitz Protocol is being sold for $37. This price is just for the e-book and there are no physical products that can be orally or topically used. Parker is confident that his product works that he is even providing a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee with it.

Should You Believe Josh Parker?

It’s only natural to have doubts when someone claims things that defy norms. Herpes, after all, is still widely considered as an incurable disease. It can be treated to mitigate the symptoms but it can’t be fully eliminated yet using present medical technologies.

Josh Parker, however, is so confident in the treatment protocol he has developed that he is offering it for a price and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (refunds provided for unsatisfied users).

Josh Parker may not have the extensive credentials in the medical field but he believes his extensive research has allowed him to know what he needs to know to create something that can produce the desired results.