Is Herpes Blitz Protocol Recommended?

If you search for herpes solutions online, you likely wouldn’t see Herpes Blitz Protocol in one of the top search results. You may not have heard of the product so it’s only natural to have doubts about it becoming a recommended herpes treatment.

This product is relatively unknown and it’s possible that there are only a very few or even none of your acquaintances who have heard of this product. Your doctor may not even be aware of it.

What’s in Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Herpes Blitz Protocol is basically an e-book that shares information on how to deal with oral and genital herpes. It is not a set of medications or topical products that can be used on the manifestation of herpes on the skin.

This is not your typical herpes treatment product. What you get when you buy it on is just a downloadable e-book; there is no physical product that will be shipped to you.

Herpes Blitz Protocol is all about providing you with information that can let you effectively deal with the disease. It presents a list of natural ingredients you can use to treat herpes, information on how these ingredients work, as well as some facts about the unwanted effects of some typical herpes treatments and the details pharmaceutical companies purportedly don’t want consumers to know as these can lead to herpes treatments that are less expensive.

Who Are Using It?

According to the infomercial video posted on the official homepage of Herpes Blitz Protocol, this product is already being used by more than 60,000 people worldwide including businessmen, professionals, athletes, and celebrities. Accordingly, these users have already been enjoying the benefits of natural herpes treatment by following the guides imparted in the e-book.

There are reviews online that say good things about this product. There are users who report of having observed improvements in their condition after they followed the treatment methods and used the natural ingredients presented.

However, just like what happens in most other products, not everyone says that they have achieved the desired results after using Herpes Blitz Protocol. Others took some time before they could notice the positive effects while some did not see any of the desired results.

Is It Effective?

As mentioned, there are favorable reviews of this product but there are also those who say that they failed to observe the promised benefits. Nevertheless, it can’t be said that this product is a total failure.

Some users report of having observed improvements in their symptoms after religiously following the treatment strategies presented in the e-book. The focus of Herpes Blitz Protocol is actually on strengthening the natural ability of the body to deal with infection so it’s not remotely possible that it can deliver desirable results.

Is It a Scam?

Herpes Blitz Protocol may not be considered a scam as not everyone who have tried it say that the treatment information it shares does not work. There are positive and adverse reviews but this is common for most other herpes treatment options.

The product costs $37, which is regarded by some to be costly considering that it does not include any physical product that can be readily taken to start treating herpes.

Nevertheless, the product provides a 100 satisfaction guarantee and the seller says it can be returned without questions and a refund can be sought if you are not satisfied with it.

Are There Doctor Recommending It?

There have been no well known doctors or medical professionals recommending Herpes Blitz Protocol. However, there are users who attest to the effectiveness of the treatment information the e-book shares.

Herpes Blitz Protocol is recommended by users who have already tried it and have seen good results. It is relatively new so health professionals may not be aware of it yet and the positive outcomes it can provide to herpes sufferers.

It’s important to point out that until now there are no established scientific groups and references that affirm claims that herpes is already curable. Hence, Herpes Blitz Protocol should not be viewed as a cure as it is more of a treatment, a way to alleviate symptoms.