How to Get Herpes Blitz Protocol

Herpes Blitz Protocol is not your usual herpes treatment product. It’s not something you get from your doctor or something you can buy from a local pharmacist.

It’s also not an oral or topical medication. Don’t expect to get a cream, ointment, concoction, pill, or some other form of topical or oral medication for herpes.

Where to Buy It

Herpes Blitz Protocol is sold exclusively through its official website You can’t buy it anywhere else.

There are no brick and mortar stores or pharmacies that carry this product. At the moment, there are also no resellers or online stores that sell this product.

If you find sites or blogs that provide links to where you can buy Herpes Blitz Protocol, these likely point to the official website. If they don’t, it’s advisable not to make any purchase as you may just end up getting a counterfeit or imitation, and not get the actual benefits of the special herpes treatment protocol by Josh Parker.

What Can You Get from the Purchase?

This is important for potential buyers of Herpes Blitz Protocol to know: there is no physical product involved here. Once you pay for your order on, you will not be receiving anything physical shipped to you.

What you will get is just a downloadable e-book that contains a host of useful information on the treatment of herpes. This information includes a list of natural ingredients that can help boost the innate immune system for it to more effectively deal with the herpes virus.

The information contained in Herpes Blitz Protocol is said to be not just any information you can find anywhere. It is the result of extensive research conducted by the author to find a viable natural treatment for herpes, including information based on findings of pharmaceutical companies.

What Is the Price? Are There Discounts?

Herpes Blitz Protocol costs $37 to buy. It used to cost $27 before, but this price did not include two e-book bonuses, namely The Immune Protection Protocol and The Sex Drive Stimulator.

Unfortunately, there are no discounts offered at the moment. The price is fixed and you can’t get any price cut even if you buy multiple copies of the e-book.

Some say that this price is quite considering that Herpes Blitz Protocol is only in e-book form, that it does not even have a printed version shipped to the buyer. However, the price may be justified by the kind of exclusive information being imparted by the e-book, information that can enable natural herpes treatment without the side effects and without having to resort to risky synthetic antiviral agents.

Does It Make Sense Getting This?

Sometimes, all you need to fix a problem is the information on how to fix the problem. You can source the materials you need on your own as long as you have the information on what you need and how to do it.

Herpes Blitz Protocol is all about providing the information you need to naturally treat herpes. It is based on the idea that everything you need to deal with herpes is already with or near you; you just need to know what these things are and how to use them.

It’s important to emphasize, though, that there is still no cure for herpes based on what established scientific studies and references are saying. Herpes Blitz Protocol may sound like a cure but it isn’t. It can only reduce or get rid of the symptoms and not totally eliminate the virus from the body.

Herpes Blitz Protocol may sound like some medical scam but it actually some sensible ideas in it. It can help you address the manifestations of herpes or even totally make it symptom-less so you can live a normal life even if you still technically have the disease.

It wouldn’t be wrong giving this product a try. It comes with a money-back guarantee and is centered on natural healing, so you wouldn’t be losing money and risking your health using it.