My name is Steven Jackson. I was I was in high school when I first heard about this company that provided solutions to sexually transmitted diseases and proper sex education. Assure was founded by Kyle Harrison back in 2014 and started doing school tours all over the United States during my senior year in high school. They came over to our school and I like how they presented their information. It was not like the usual awkward sex education seminar that they previously held. They were a lot more informative and a lot more confident with presenting the facts about sex and carrying ourselves responsibly. I was actually thinking that my schoolmates would just laugh it all of as another funny day in school. But to my surprise, a lot of them took it seriously. Almost everybody wanted to be cautious, healthy, and responsible.

The next time I would encounter Assure would be after I graduated college. I unfortunately contracted type-1 herpes or HSV-1. They couldn’t track the cause but it was probably due to utensils I used in a mess hall that were not cleaned well. It wasn’t sexually transmitted but Assure instantly went to mind. I bought their Herpes Blitz Protocol and my sores were gone in no time. After this, I decided to give the guys over at Assure a call and see if they had any openings. I decided to join their education division that also serves as regional sales agents. They go around different states educating high school and college students about the dangers of unprotected sex, the different types of sexually transmitted diseases, and how to manage them properly. I was assigned in the Mid West and I have been going around schools in the different states spreading awareness to everyone.